Day 125

“Edward was a very rare animal,” said Mr Mallen, describing his son in The Times today. “Not only was he intelligent and gifted, he was also very kind, caring and humble.” This 18 year old is another tragic example of not enough attention paid to a young man with depression. Just after Christmas he fell into a deep depression and was ‘given an assessment’ by the NHS a month ago but had not heard back about possible treatment by the time of his death.

What a waste! How can this continue to happen again and again? Same themes emerging repeatedly! It is agonizing to hear this. I can completely identify with the parents who said, “a normal Monday afternoon became a horrifying nightmare where one is staring into this appalling abyss of grief.” Even the thought of it is unbearable.

A survey by YoungMinds, a youth mental health charity showed that quarter of parents waited more than 12 months to receive treatment for their child. The suicide rates in England are at risk of rising sharply as a third of local authorities do not have suicide prevention action plans.

Today is 18 weeks. In my heart it feels like Day 0 again.

Please let us all wake up and do something to stop this.

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