Day 127

We went to a flower show this evening. The array of floral displays was wide and wonderful. The bonsais were astounding!

As I strolled around one of the stalls I caught a sweet familiar smell that triggered a little twinge in my heart. In the corner stood a big bunch of lilies!

All of a sudden it came rushing back to me – the bunches of white lilies arriving at the door, one every couple of hours for the first few days, the house filled with this tingling scent and the portrait of his smiling handsome face nestled amongst the fragrant snow-white conical beauties. This sweet aroma lived in our house for many days, soaking itself into the carpets, cushions and curtains. Those days my entire being seemed to be submerged in this gorgeous fragrance. The entire experience played in fast-forward in front of my eyes and tore through my chest. I was transported back in time.

After a few moments I regained myself and looked at the lilies again. This time, closely. They were now pink. They stood tall an arms length away on a wooden table covered in a white tablecloth, in a handmade terracotta earthenware vase, looking proud and pretty. They seemed to be smiling at me.

I smiled back and silently dedicated them to him.

They would probably make him sneeze but that’s life 🙂

They are ours to share and cherish.

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