Day 130

A very dear old friend from medical school wrote to me today and shared that at the Oscars awards ceremony last night, there were 2 mentions of suicide by winners Graham Moore and Dana Perry in their acceptance speech that were touching and inspiring. She has been listening to the Canadian radio channel ‘93.9 The River’ where they had special broadcasts on depression and mental illness. She said ‘It seems a wave of awareness has started…’ It is about time. Given the stigma and denial associated with this problem let us hope that this wave expands and flourishes and covers the whole planet many times over.

Over the last few months, “If there is absolutely anything I can do for you, please let me know.” is something that almost everyone who has written or spoken to me has said. That is such a generous thing to say. It inspires me to take this stance with everyone I come across. So many people have done so much to help me through this tough time that I could not ask for any more. However, I would request everyone to be aware of suicide and mental health issues, not have prejudices against them, look out for them, fund-raise for the charities associated with them, volunteer in whatever capacity one can. It’s all about compassion. I know I would have gone mad without it. Thank you. xxx

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