Day 134

“I was the wind last night –
I vaulted the mountains and crossed seven rivers.
And turned aside the tall trees guarding the valley.
I caught glimpses of you through the window
As I wandered around the little stone house.
They would not let me in; too cold a wind!
I hung around listlessly, afraid to call too loud.
Then like a weary man limped homewards over the sleeping mountains.
When will I learn the secret of stillness?”

– by Ruskin Bond

And now, I think I have learnt something of the value of stillness.
In it I find relief from thoughts, events and happenings.
In it I find everything that I look for outside, within myself.
In it I find myself. I find some light. And lightness.
I find forgiveness.
I find glimpses of divinity.
Possibilities and hope.
Most of all I find love for myself.
And the ability to give myself a hug for everything I have been through.

Unless I feel love for me, I cannot feel the love that is around me.
Thank you Stillness. 🙂

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