Day 142

As a full day of very enjoyable site-seeing with close friends came to an end, I could not help but wish that my son was around. “He would have loved it.” I said to a friend who responded,” He is loving it… with you. In fact he is in a great place having much more fun.”

May be he is. May be he is around all the time. The connection that we feel with people who are around us in the physical world is in fact a connection of our souls. Why is it that sometimes for no reason we like someone and likewise for no apparent reason we don’t like somebody we don’t even know? How come sometimes even at first meeting we feel that we have known the other person for a long time?

There is so much that cannot be explained. It can only be experienced. What I am experiencing at present is a sense of calm. Of course I miss him and I always will. That is the new part of my life that I am learning to embrace. Missing him is loving him and I always will.

2 thoughts on “Day 142

  1. My dad killed himself when I was 12 years old, almost 8 years now. What you said to your friend today was something that I tell myself everyday. I imagine that he is there with me as I walk along campus to my class and I silently tell him about my day. And honestly, it helps.


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