Day 152

“So, how do you envision your life from here on?” asked a concerned friend. I said I would like to do whatever I can to prevent suicides from happening. He thought that was marvelous but went on to add that I must put that second on the list. The first thing I must do is to find a way to be happy again. He said I would be more effective that way, in the community and amongst friends. No one wants to be around sad people, especially when they are trying to talk to others about how best to handle their depression.

I agree. Only if I have peace inside of me can I hope to give it to those around me. The same goes for love and joy. How can I share something that I don’t have?

Happiness lives within me I know, but seems inaccessible a lot of the times. To put my own happiness as my very first priority seems quite unnatural but I see his point. By sheer co-incidence, one of my favourite virtual friends shared the story of a mother, Rhonda Elkins, who lost her 23 years old daughter, a bright young medical student, to suicide in April 2013. The mum became a strong advocate for suicide prevention but unfortunately ended her own life 16 months later. What a terrible tragedy! Rest in peace Mum and baby.

Here is a link to Rhonda’s interview on CNN:

Point taken. My own happiness goes first on the list. Thank you everyone.

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