Day 153

Little Lord Krishna

When he was four, my mum and I dressed him up as baby Krishna for a fancy dress party. He completely looked the part with his twinkling, laughing, naughty eyes and the most charming smile. Decorative head gear with a peacock feather, a flute in his hands and trinkets of pearl and gold completed the picture. He was adorable.

Of the 33 million gods in Hindu mythology Lord Krishna is my favourite. He is fun loving and highly learned at the same time. He loves music and dance. Through his teachings he empowers everyone to walk the correct path. He is kind and generous towards the needy and is always available to those who call out to him with love.

This morning as I woke up, thoughts of my son came flooding into my mind as usual. At the same time I thought of Krishna and my son’s union with him. It is believed that after leaving the physical body the soul merges with the Supreme, of which Krishna is one manifestation.

So far I have been struggling to get my head around everything that has happened and nothing I tell myself is more than a mere consolation or explanation. The above thought made me smile. I felt happy and grateful. I prayed for peace for him and for all humanity.

Today was a good day. Small steps. 🙂

One thought on “Day 153

  1. I’m recently new to following your blog, I am sooo very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son, I must thank you for sharing his & your life story with me. Prayers for peace in your soul! Hugs Diane


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