Day 158

In a couple of days I leave India and go back to London, to live, work and resume my life. I wonder how it would be for me if I was to see a friend or colleague in my position after nearly half a year. I am not sure what I would do or say even if I felt great compassion for them.

We have had quite a few mourning rituals over the past few months and each one has helped me along. Not just me but everyone who was present. In the West there is a notion that mourning should be done in private. I think if I had been left alone it would have been much more difficult for me.

O’Rourke said, “The disappearance of mourning rituals affects everyone, not just the mourner. One of the reasons many people are unsure about how to act around a loss is that they lack rules or meaningful conventions, and they fear making a mistake. Rituals used to help the community by giving everyone a sense of what to do or say. Now, we’re at sea.

Such rituals … aren’t just about the individual; they are about the community.”

After having been through the happenings of the last few months, there is very little that bothers me too much. I am fairly confident that if I am centred within myself, I will be able to deal with everything that I need to.

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