Day 175

‘There is an up-side to everything” is one of those sweeping, broad and annoying statements one hears nearly everyday.

However, I decided to consciously think about the ‘up-side’ to the fact that my adorable darling son got so ill over such a short time that he ended his life at the age of 20 and no one could do anything to help him.

  1. He will always and forever stay as handsome as he was – no beer belly, wrinkles or grey hair.
  2. I will never have another reason to be annoyed with him – the sink is full of unwashed utensils….again! Look at the state of your room! You didn’t put the sunscreen on while playing cricket… again!
  3. I don’t have to worry about him. I just know in my heart that he is in a good place.
  4. Getting held back at work is unlikely to bother me half as much as it did when he was home.
  5. Some significant obstacles in my life have now evaporated (long story….).
  6. Being forced to grow spiritually.
  7. Clarity of thought – knowing what is important.
  8. So many new people now enrich my life – his friends, their parents, his teachers and all my virtual friends.
  9. Inspiration for his friends and me to be more aware of mental health issues, spread that awareness, work on filling the missing gaps in care, reduce the stigma and look after each other.
  10. A message for everyone that we are never alone – all we need to do is reach out and be willing to give and receive help and love. Lots of love.

Seems strange but I suppose there is some truth in that saying.

4 thoughts on “Day 175

  1. I still find that statement annoying, because no matter how much truth there is in it, the good things that arise from major tragedies generally seem like shitty consolation prizes.


  2. That statement about an upside is horrid. How can anyone say there is an upside? Implication of such is noted as gross ignorance, intolerance, and shameful.

    By the way, my condolences. I have been around this too. Both of us are here for the others. The thoughts and lies associated with depression must be exorcised by our staying together. We are one in this.


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