Day 186

He was A’s ‘brother from another mother’. They claimed to be having a ‘bromance’. They completely got each other and laughed a lot together. They could find something funny in the simplest of situations. They both had a thing for the colour pink. Their constant giggling was infectious. They were inseparable. They loved each other.

During his manic phase he did something to upset A. It was so bad that A did not speak to him for what seemed like a long time. He missed him terribly.

University terms began and his friends went away to their respective courses. He felt left behind. We decided he would take this year as a gap year. Something he had not done after finishing school. Once he got better he could go travelling and work for a while.

One morning he told me that he had received a call from A and they had patched up their differences. His smile was faint but he was ecstatic.

When A came to see us after he had passed away he said, “I am so glad I called him up that night.”

Me too. Life is too short to be little.

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