Day 196

This letter appeared today….

“To you.

The you that’s had a rough week. The you that seems to be under constant storm clouds, the you that feels invisible, the you that has lots of friends but always feels alone, the you that needs to stop the world spinning for one second just so you can catch up. To you who put your heart in unsafe hands over and over. To you who would still give them one more chance if they asked, to you who has lost faith, to the lost, to those who think they’ve messed it all up. To you who wishes you didn’t wake up, to you who feels they can’t see a finishing line, to the broken hearts, all of them. To you who lost the person who would be the one to tell you all of this if they were still here. To you who holds everyone else together, to you who can’t quite get over it, to you who feels you never will, to you that’s held on too long, to you that blames you always. To you. You are incredible. You.”

….. on my computer screen from someone who has never met me and doesn’t even know I exist. How did they get it so right? There must be something about the human condition that makes us one and the same, that means that no one is really a stranger. At some level, deep inside we all know each other better than we think we do. We are all made up of the same stuff.

This very moving TED talk by Jodie Ann Bickley on stepping back from the kerb caught my attention.

It lead me on to her website

Out of her dark despair came this beautiful gift to the world.

May be there is some truth in what my sister wrote in her letter to me : Once the sorrow lifts your essence will shine through again. It may have a different sheen but it will shine again.

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