Day 208

The conversation amongst 4 people at the dinner table next to ours at a restaurant went like this- “We ran into him at the ski resort and he continued to address me as Sarah instead of Sandra. It was so annoying!” said one quite exasperated. “Yes. Our neighbor is a bit like that and he always has a skip in front of his house. This morning it disappeared to my great relief. Only to reappear in the afternoon!” said another. The third lady had severe issues with inheritance tax. I really enjoyed listening. It made me smile.

So did this note from a friend: “There seems to be a continuing struggle between our wish for more communal, cooperative lives and the attractions of egocentrism. I hold a door open for someone coming after me, they say thank you: a common positive spirit has lit up between us. I do the same thing and a person walks through talking on their phone without acknowledgement, the light flickers out. I hope that you’ll find enough of the common positive spirit to sustain you.” I do.
There is more positivity in this world than we allow ourselves to express or experience.

This poem on ‘undefinable’ relationships by an amateur poetess did too:

I have a story about us.
You may like it.

Is it true?
Certainly not.
But it is a most satisfying lie.

The truth?
Truth has no words,
You know that.
Wonder why people claim to speak it.

You have the truth.
Or half of it.
My half is a twinkle in the eye
shrugging off the words
with no meaning
chuckling softly
at this frantic search for a cloak that fits.

Let the truth be.
Let us trade stories
Till these new clothes
Fit better.

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