Day 236

Just me

When you have kids, no one tells you, the love is cruel!

It overflows through every pore in your body. It sits in the driver’s seat of your life and takes you places you never knew existed. It kills you. You feel every little scrape on their knees, every tiny disappointment, exhilaration and aspiration. It is like having extensions of oneself, roaming around in other bodies, watching Smurfs and Power Rangers, doing their home work, ice skating, choosing to walk through puddles on the road to school, making new friends, singing in the school choir, acting in the nativity play, recognizing you from a distance in a crowd and running towards you with their arms wide open and a big beaming smile on their faces. That kind of love makes you forget everything else.

When he was at school, the thought of him going to university brought tears to my eyes. When he went to university, I read up about ‘detachment’ and thought I had learnt what I needed to learn. Now I know I learnt nothing.

Is life just about learning?

May be it is about whatever I want it to be about.

May be it is also about having lots of fun.

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