Day 242

When Amy Winehouse died, her alcohol level was 416mg per 100 mls. The lethal level is 350mg per 100 mls. The verdict was ‘Alcohol Poisoning’. One of her last comments to a friend the night before she died was “If I could give it (her exceptional musical ability) back just to walk down that street with no hassle, I would.”

Was the actual cause of her death Alcohol poisoning? Was it accidental? We don’t know. We will never know. But it is the most logical conclusion. And safe.

An acquaintance who lost a close relative to suicide shared that the deceased did not make it to the suicide statistics because the suicide note was not dated and signed by him. The whole family knew he had written it but the verdict was ‘misadventure’. That is what happens in case of the slightest doubt or ambiguity with regards to cause of death. Being considerate to the family means that the cause of death is not called ‘suicide’ unless proven beyond doubt. I can see why that is the case. It is because as a society we are not evolved enough. May be by doing this we also save time and resources spent on investigating cases in depth so as to find out what actually happened.

This means that the actual incidence of suicides is higher than what is officially recorded and published. Hence it is a bigger epidemic than we think it is – many more than 6000 people die of suicide every year in the UK. The Silent Epidemic, ruthlessly claiming lives all around us while we watch in ignorance and bewilderment .

Amy’s lyrics :

‘You always hurt the ones you love
That’s why I had to twist the blade
Goodbyes aren’t my forte
Hat tipped, you go your way.’

Today is exactly 8 months since you went away. Hope you are having fun wherever you are my darling. I love you. xxx

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