Day 266

This is a crazy, crowded city. Great for people watching. The Underground train staff were on strike today. It was even better as there were more people to watch over ground. It was fascinating – the long impatiently waiting queues for buses, the exasperation from prolonged journeys, the heat and the lovely summer clothes!

As I stood at the platform waiting for my train, I watched all these colourful people around me and thought about each of them and their stories. Countless stories. I was tempted to walk up and ask them one by one ”What’s your story?”

I really needed to get out of my own head for a while as it was driving me crazy. So, I got home and watched a film – “Begin Again”. I had no clue what it was about but liked the name. There I was, for an hour and a half, completely transported into another world, another life, another story. It was a relief. It was fun. It was light. The soundtrack was lovely.

For a brief period of time I was free from the shackles of my own mind and heart. I could let everything be. Keep it aside for a while. Let it rest.

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