Day 417

Today is my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

While on the phone with them about 10 days ago, I realized that it is a big deal. I had not really given it much thought. Between work, home improvements and all the other stuff that goes on in my heart and mind, I am often not aware of anything else. It was almost as if I had just learnt that this was going to be a very special occasion.

Well. Now that it had struck me and I had woken up, I had 10 days to do something about. So, we planned a surprise visit from London to India and back at extremely short notice – leave, visa, tickets, gifts and cards! It was as much a surprise for me as for them.

My brothers conspired with me to ensure that my parents would be at home when I got there and the scene was set. When I got home, the front door was already ajar for some reason. I wore my new hat and knocked lightly on the door. Then I walked in nonchalantly. My Mum and Dad were sitting in the front room having a cup of tea with a friend. The expressions on their faces changed several times within a second – from shock to confusion to surprise to disbelief and then utter and pure joy! It was priceless! Big hugs and smiles followed and the story slowly unfolded itself. Various pieces of the jigsaw came together and it absolutely made their day!

I am here as much for myself as for them. While it means a lot to them to have me here on their special day, it makes me happy that I can make them happy. Simple pleasures 🙂  Building memories with those we love. Cherishing them. That’s what it’s about.

While Saagar is with me always, I must remember to go on living for the living.


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