Day 434

What if the end of Saagar’s life was ‘written’.
What if no matter what anyone did, the outcome would have been the same at the same time.
What if all the holes in the ‘swiss cheese’ lined up against him because it was his destiny. His fate.
What if all the planetary constellations arranged themselves in a way that was inviting to him.
What if I couldn’t help him because I am a mere human, incapable of changing the bigger plan.
What if my brother didn’t get his visa to travel to London to help us in time for the same reason.
What if all of this was predestined a long long time before I was even born.
What if this is exactly how it is meant to be.
What if this is a manifestation of ‘cause and effect’ that spans way beyond our miniscule life spans.
What if doctors said the same thing when people died of AIDS and cancers.
What if all of us just ‘accepted’ the present state of affairs.

If this is the case then what is the role of Free Will?
What if we can change destinies and futures.






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