Day 447

Anthony Murr, a man in his 40s phoned the Samaritans but put the phone down before the phone was answered. He feared they would think he was a weirdo. He believed there was no way out of the darkness he found himself in. He had nearly given up all hope. A while later he phoned them again and someone answered the phone quicker than he expected. Initially the conversation was difficult but once he got going, he spoke as though a damn had been broken. He spoke about all the problems that had been going round and round his head for months and making his life unbearable. He figured out the things he needed to do for himself and turned his life around. In his own words, today his life is ‘bloody marvellous’.

It is possible to release ourselves from the trap of depression. We need to know how to ask for help and where to go. Help is available. Anyone, from any walk of life, of any age group, of any gender, race or sexual orientation can feel suicidal at any time. They can loose hope. If they can get through those crucial minutes and hours with some help, they can find hope again. They can find a reason for living.

This film ‘U can cope’ tells three beautiful stories of survivors:
Samaritans new free phone number in the UK: 116123
Write a letter:
Or visit your local branch which you can find on

They are there for us to call them anytime for a chat. It doesn’t have to be the last resort. We all need help sometimes. It’s ok to ask.

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