Day 495


I’ve been trying hard to not feel lost. To feel like there’s still a bit of hope.”

Samaritans launched a new communications campaign in rail stations across England, Scotland and Wales, in partnership with Network Rail on behalf of the wider rail industry today.

It is targeted at the demographic group at the highest risk of suicide on the railways – middle aged men from lower income backgrounds. Through this partnership, training has been delivered to over 11,000 staff on the railways providing them with the skills needed to make hundreds of interventions every year to prevent people from harming themselves on the rail network.

Samaritan’s message in this ‘We Listen’ campaign is for everyone to call them and seek help early. They don’t want to be called only when someone reaches a ‘Crisis point’. They would like to listen to people in distress, explore their options with them and help them find their own way through.They receive 5.3 million calls every year which amounts to one every 6 seconds. They want to help callers reach a place where they can say:

“I don’t want you to save my life. I want you to stand by me while I save my own life.”

Samaritans is working on developing a national programme of suicide awareness and skills training for frontline NHS staff and other community settings such as schools, colleges, workplaces and job centres.

Great vision!
Go Samaritans!

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