Day 514

IMG_0088 copy

It’s morning. I just woke up.
Half a second later: Oh! Saagar!!! Why???
You should have said something darling. I would have done everything I could to help you.
Daylight is trying to sneak in through the tiny gap between the tops of the curtains. Seems like it’s bright outside.
It’s a new day. Come on.

It’s Sunday. I’ll have a lie-in for a bit longer.
Saagar!!! I wish you were here and we could spend the day together. Where are you? Why?
I remember when you played badminton and sometimes missed a shot you would hit your leg with the badminton racket in frustration. It was painful to watch and I repeatedly said to you how unnecessary that was. But you still sometimes did it. Did I miss an important clue? How come I can see everything so clearly now?
It’s a new day. Come on.

It must be cold outside. I’ll stay in bed a bit longer. Maybe sleep will come. I need to get some rest on weekends.
It’s a lovely warm bed. The birds are chirping and the wooden wind-chime is singing the occasional resonant low-pitched harmony. It must be windy outside.
He was so sweet. On weekend mornings he would sometimes bring me tea in bed. We would talk for a long time sitting up in bed together, playing with the cats, sipping tea and planning the day ahead. I smile. Then cry. Then drift off to sleep.

It’s morning. I just woke up.
Half a second later: Oh!

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