Day 524

Kids are home for Easter. Two of the girls dropped by this evening for dinner, a catch-up and lots of hugs. We talked about the strong and senseless drinking culture amongst university students, especially in the first year, the exhilaration of newly found freedom, the peer pressure, the not knowing when to stop, the erratic behavior it caused, the social sanction of it and the sheer acceptance of it as the norm. We caught up on current boyfriends, childhood sweethearts, hats, shoes and scarves, the films we had watched and the ones we had avoided because it might still be too early. For example, I did not watch ‘Room’ for that reason. They shared the tedium of essays and dissertations, the excitement and apprehension about soon finishing university and stepping out into the ‘real’ world.

They learnt to cook ‘daal’ by watching me. We had a nice, simple meal and then cleared up together.

It felt warm and fuzzy.

It’s great spending time with his friends. They are bright and funny, just like him. They make time for me and that is just wonderful! Lucky me. xxx

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