Day 552

His bench is ready but I haven’t seen it yet. I have seen the pictures that I am sharing with you.

A delightful young man at Saagar’s old school put it together as his final ‘Design and Technology’ project. He spent a lot of time on developing the idea. He went through many of Saagar’s pictures and stories with me. He read through his memory books. He very politely consulted with me at every stage. He even had me shedding tears on his school blazer at every meeting when I hugged him.

S Bench 2

S Bench 1

S Bench 3

I love the “S” shape. It is elegant and it stands for Saagar and sadly for Suicide too – a co-relation that is established through the bench. For me it is very meaningful. I think the story will be shared widely at installation and on-goingly thereafter so that it carries a message for many other young people. The inscriptions on the bench are well chosen and well done – they also tell part of the story. That he was 20, his hobbies, his humour and his abilities are all well captured. I hope that the school will be able to use this opportunity to educate the boys about the importance of mental well being and asking for help when in difficulty. ‘Never Alone’.

The lime-green legs represent his love for the same colour. It only mentions how old Saagar was, without dates making him ageless in a strange way. It clearly conveys the vulnerability of young men.

A text arrived last night from one of Saagar’s classmates from University, “I hope you’re well. Just wanted to let you know that I’m planning on dedicating my dissertation to Saagar :-> Lots of love to you. xxx”

Creativity, expansion and growth, dedicated to Saagar. How appropriate. He continues to live and his memory continues to inspire. My beautiful boy! Love you!


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