Day 555

God knows how often I lament that I don’t have half the time I need, to do half the things I want to. I cannot remember when last I had 15 minutes of unclaimed time. I often amuse myself with thoughts of one week’s complete idleness with absolutely no demands on my time. Given how precious time is, fleeting and beyond recall, what a luxury it would be to have enough to squander some as a mere indulgence.

And here I am, at one of my favourite places in the whole world – a little sub-tropical spot unmarked on any tourist map, completely off the beaten track and hidden away like a precious jewel, only to be experienced by a fortunate few. It could easily be called the ‘back of the beyond’ – a remote, verdant green peninsula extending elegantly into a large, calm lake and surrounding itself by clear blue waters on three sides. All I hear is a symphony of a wide variety of bird songs, insect calls, silky-soft rustle of leaves and a background hum of bees.

This is home for 10 days.
I am here to stop. Pause.
Retreat. Relax. Refresh.
Stand back and watch.
Quieten the mind.
Break some thought patterns.
Breathe. Sleep. Rest.
Enjoy nature a hundred percent. Smile.

And learn to love myself again.


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