Day 282


Does it exist in its own right or is it the mere absence of sound?
The revolutions of electrons around the nucleus in every atom must create some vibrations.
How do gazillions of them exist without a whisper?
Does the universe hum at an inaudible frequency?
Does the earth rumble silently at it’s core?
When I sit still with my eyes closed, my mind begins to yell but no words are uttered. Is that silence?

Music is a series of silences.
Would the sound of quiet breathing be called silent?
The night is an invisible silence.
Wonder what shape and colour silence is?
Or is it a formless concept?
Does it travel in waves or particles?

Is it silence that connects beings or is it words?
Is it as limitless as eternity or does it disappear in an instant?
Does it sit deep within us waiting to be discovered?
Or does it harmonise our inner wavelength with that of the outer world?

Do televisions and radios destroy it for us or help us to appreciate it?
Sometimes it means ‘no’ and other times ‘yes’.
It can be a sign of weakness or strength.

Do we need to go away on a ‘retreat’ to experience it or can it be accessed in the middle of a traffic jam?
Is it the sound just before a bird starts to sing?

The silence in my soul is the same as the silence in your soul, my darling.
Love is silence.

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