Day 386


The ‘tricycle’ in the Philippines is a regular mode of transport that can easily carry 4 if not 5 people. It is a regular motorcycle with a side car attached to it. It is commonly used in rural areas for traveling short distances. It is the perfect car alternative – it is covered and has ventilation. Lots of it!

We had the good fortune of getting a ride on a tricycle today, up and down a mountainous road, some parts of it in poor condition. The tricycle valiantly dragged us up slopes that would be difficult to walk. It was exciting in many ways – we could feel the wind, every pothole on the road and the immense torque on the front wheel. In addition the sounds emanating from the engine while under various degrees of strain were entertaining too, and a testament to the driver’s skill.

The visit to the local farmer’s market was fascinating. Most of the fruits and veg had travelled just a few miles to be there. Fruit was clearly tree ripened. The fish market was so clean that it hardly smelt of fish. The yellow fin tuna was being sold whole. Sadly the difference in size of fish from 20 years ago was remarkable. These ones were just one quarter the size they used to be. Speaking to the locals, it was clear that the waters have been overfished.

Trays full of eggs the colour of Potassium Permanganate! Yes. I thought I was seeing things but they were for real. They are salted duck eggs that are cured in a mixture of clay, salt and water for about 18 days and then boiled for 30 minutes. I was curious enough to buy them but haven’t tried one out yet. I think they look very pretty. Too pretty to break.


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