Day 471

The burglar alarm was serviced today. The technician asked me to review the phone numbers on the panel. These numbers are called if and when the alarm rings. Saagar’s number came up. I smiled. I didn’t really know what to say to him. Keep it? Delete it? I hesitated and then asked him to remove it. It doesn’t matter if his number is gone. His blessings are here.

I was struggling to carry a heavy suitcase up the stairs at Moorgate station. A handsome young man came up to me and offered to carry it for me. I smiled. I had tears in my eyes. I let him carry it. It was not Saagar. But his kindness is still here.

The trainer at the gym walked me up to a set of elastic straps hooked on to a metal frame. I recognized it – the TRX! Saagar never travelled without it. He would often hook it on to a door-frame and demonstrate the incredible exercises he could do with the help of the TRX. He would have loved to see someone making me use it. He is not but his wicked sense of humour is still here.

Even though he is not here, he is so ‘present’.
This moment is filled with him.

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