Day 472

Steve Fugate is 67. After loosing his son to suicide 14 years ago he took it upon himself to walk across America as therapy. Since then he has done it 6 times. He has walked more than 34,000 kilometers since. He calls it ‘Trail therapy’.
His simple message is: Love Life.

He does it not only because it helps him but also because he can’t bear the thought of the same happening to anyone else.

This is his message (on facebook) today:

“Good Morning!!!!!!
God I Love being me! Woke up this morning and I’m still me, the same damn one born in June of 1946. How great it is to be me and not someone else. I would not exchange the me I am for anyone else’s me… ever. I like being me, I trust me, and I follow my own lead. It bothers me not that others have more, have accomplished more, are prettier, are smarter, or dance and sing better. I am content with me and all my faults, past mistakes, and even the heartbreaks. My contentment comes from having found how to obtain perfection! Perfection to me, is the ability to Love all my fellow human beings even as much as I Love myself. That’s my mark in Life and I am aiming for it. I want a heart governed mind. Worry not of how others view you, nor of your possessions while living this precious gift of Life. Concern yourself only with loving your fellow human being with all your heart and you will find the true beauty of Life and a wealth money cannot create. LOVE LIFE.”

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