Day 729

There’s a box underneath my study table. Inside it there is a lovingly handmade pink valentine’s card addressed to him, a photo-booth picture of four teenagers with contorted shapes and faces, a secondary school magazine, a ladybird book called “Don’t worry William”, a key-ring with a bottle opener, a house key and a drum key strung on to it, a school ID card with his picture on it, a well stamped blue passport, a black diary with frayed corners, a lock of curly black hair lovingly stapled in an old plastic bag falling out of a baby-book, an oyster travel card, a sea-wolves t-shirt without sleeves, a union jack underwear, a black and white patterned arab scarf, a red and white cricket ball….

Daft and silly bits.
Useless! Utterly useless!

The smell, the voice, the shared laughter, the cuddles, the food … life.

“What have I left now you have gone
Where are my dreams, my hopes, my fears
I stand in shadows where the sun once shone
Does the mist arise or do I see through tears.” – Anon

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