Day 783


(Christmas lights on Bond Street)

Christmas in London is spectacular. Most offices had a ‘Christmas jumper’ day. It was visible right from the morning commute. The young man sitting opposite me on the train wore a half sleeved, white cotton shirt, snowmen printed in a brown outline with a big red bow around their necks. Sweet. Made him look like a child playing grown-up.

As I walked into work, one of the girls appeared in a red jumper with ‘Great Baubles’ boldly printed in white right across her chest and 3 innocent little baubles drawn underneath.

The gym instructor adorned ‘DICKSOUTFORCHRISTMAS’. Bells, holly, mistletoe, reindeers, candy sticks, Santa, Christmas trees, stockings and sparkle scattered everywhere. Matching hats popped up too. Scarves flowed about. Red, green and white dominated. Ear-rings, bracelets, socks joined in. Faces carried similar themes on their eyes, eye-lids, lips and cheeks. Smiles spread across. Music jingled non-stop. Fizz popped. Glasses clinked.

The TV in the corner, quietly showed chafed lips, bitter winters, big clouds of dust, big machines, commotion, uprooted peoples, desimated towns, crying children…

Cinnamon and orange. Candles and gifts. Mulled wine and mince pie…


Happy Christmas!

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