This is the day we brought him home. Saagar saw the advertisement on Gumtree and called me at work to say he would love to have this cat- one of a litter of 3. Apparently the father is a ‘posh’ russian breed. We visited the family the same evening. The two toddlers played with the kittens as though they were all siblings. It was delightful to watch them all together – playing, chasing, talking and laughing. I felt bad taking one of them away. They seemed like a happy bunch.

The next stop was the pet shop – food, scratch pad, litter tray, poop-scoop, bed, blanket, feeding bowl … it was fun. Saagar loved being an older sibling to him. They played non-stop. He called him Milkshake. It was love at first bite.

Today Milkshake is a strapping young lad, two and a half years of age. Nocturnal, short tempered and territorial. Loves sleeping in our bed and being cuddled for short periods of time. Hates using the cat-flap and the noise of plastic bags. Often visits the room he shared with his older brother, looking for him.

Misses him, I am sure.

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