Day 616

S Bench 2

The lush green school grounds, the theatre, the officious but friendly teachers, the man-boy students, the flowing laughter, the drinks and nibbles, the chatty parents, the Design show at Saagar’s school.

We were invited. We were there to see Saagar’s memorial bench holding pride of place. The show-stopper!

The highly talented and very sweet young man T, who made it was there too with his family. We met them for the first time. His mother said that he had worked really hard on this project as he felt honoured to be asked to do it. He was apprehensive about meeting me but thereafter he relaxed and enjoyed doing it.

A few years ago Saagar studied Design and Technology(D&T) for his GCSEs. He loved it. One day he sat down to discuss his project with me. He asked me what kind of a jewelry stand I would like – the rough shape and size of it and other requirements it should fulfil. He made me a beautiful jewelry stand for my trinkets – with mirrors, rods for necklaces, little pots for finger-rings and ear-rings and smaller pots for safety pins and hair pins. He paid attention to every detail. The stand took centre stage on my dressing table from the day it entered the house.

I hope he appreciates the lime-green legs on his bench. That’s me returning the favour, if at all possible.



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