Day 622


Since the day Saagar died I have lit a candle in his memory, in front of his picture every evening. Some days when I am home all day, I light it in the morning and keep it on all day. It feels peaceful. Each time I light the candle I caress his face and look into his eyes. I admire his beautiful face and his short but brilliant life. I watch the hypnotic flickering flame and allow it to sooth my senses. Sitting still, watching the dancing flame, I meditate. This solitary light dispels the darkness in my life and in the world.

For centuries people all over the world, from various traditions and religions have lit candles in remembrance of loved ones as a way of healing the past and bringing hope for the future. This daily ritual connects me to all those people, past and present. It is the focal point of my evenings. It brings together love, sorrow and gratitude to one point. It focuses my thoughts, intentions and prayers. It brings me to this present moment, strengthening my faith in the human spirit and my resolve to change things for the better. It makes me see that Saagar is here with me.


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