Day 621


A self portrait as a 10 year old printed on a primary school tea towel.

Typical boy!

In his mid-teens he was a bit obsessed with the form of the male bits. When snow fell, he would outline the bits on the thin film of snow on windscreens of cars. He could artfully peel oranges to create the desired shape of the bits with the peel impressively in one piece. Sometimes when his friends were over, I would find the fridge magnets moved around and rearranged to resemble their favourite shape. Often I could hear giggles and laughter coming from the kitchen when they were up to some such naughtiness.

One summer evening I was driving him and his drum set to a church hall to be part of a musical event. The venue was on ‘Bellenden Road’. When Saagar heard that name his face and eyes lit up with a naughty amused smile. He found it terribly funny and I had no clue why. He double checked with me if that was the real name of the road and continued to enjoy his secret joke. A few days ago I randomly remembered that day and asked Si what was funny about the word ‘bellenden’. He too instantly smiled and gave me an explanation. Yes. Funny! So predictable!


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