Day 623


Lion King, The Musical – I watched it for the 4th time today. Any opportunity to watch it and I am on. The first time was on Saagar’s 12th birthday. I fell in love with it. I liked it more than he did.

The costumes, the singing, the sets, the characters, the humour, the dancing – everything transports me to another world and I am a child again. The tall green grass blowing gently in the wind, the graceful feminine lionesses walking elegantly across, the big huge sun, the abundance of nature, the funny tribal lady with a commanding but light presence and an amazing voice, … so many things! I could go on and on. I missed my Simba terribly. He was so utterly cute and charming! Impossible to get angry with. So gorgeous too.

Well, it is a beautiful world and I am only a child.

Hakuna Matata.



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