A good death

Yesterday all national flags were at half mast, here in Delhi. Yes. It is sad. She was and will be an icon and an inspiration to many. Her dignity unmatched and her sense of duty unwavering.

She died in her bed, in her home, surrounded by her children and grand-children. She could say her final good-byes to those she loved. They could hold her hands while they were still warm. I am sure her corgis were not too far away. Her doctors kept an eye on her till the very end. She possibly had no physical or emotional pain and her spiritual needs were met, I am sure. Her family was certainly prepared. The newsreaders were kind enough to forewarn her people.

She could fulfill her duties right up to two days before her death. She left no debts unpaid, I am sure. No business unfinished, I hope.

Supremely dignified, even in her exit.

She was 96. She had a life well lived.

She had a death well died.

Long lived the Queen.

Loved and cherished forever.

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