Day 15

When the Coroner’s liaison officer had paid us a visit us on Day 1, she had made a mention of someone having posted a picture of my son at the railway tracks on twitter. She did assure me that it had been taken care of and the pictures had been taken down. It was disturbing but I had put it aside and forgotten all about it.

Today I met someone who had seen the picture.

It made me feel so sad for all of us. We all want high ‘connectivity’ but where is the connectedness? To think that there were people around when this happened and may be they had the potential to help him, had they not been more interested in taking pictures! When and how did our humanity diminish to this level? May be it is all there, but hiding behind cameras and screens of one description or another. Each one of us is alone and isolated behind those screens. Everything is entertainment. It is only real if it is on a screen.

This is the world we live in.

My son thought he was broken. I am broken. As a society, we are broken.

One thought on “Day 15

  1. Sadly we all live in this trigger happy world be it of camera or gun. There is also plenty of good around us you will heal with time .you will find strength from with in you


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