Day 19

Every day I am overwhelmed by the love that is extended towards me and my family and the prayers being said for us and my son. It is as if a dam has broken and there is this outpouring of compassion flowing towards us. I am so grateful for this experience of true abundance. Thank you everyone! Love is indeed stronger than death.

A few days ago, I am not sure why I went to see my GP – the same one who had been treating my son. He was very sympathetic and really wanted to help. I remembered the last time I was in his office was with my son and that made me really sad. So, I just sat there and bawled my heart out.

He asked me if I was sleeping well and I shook my head. He asked me if I would like some sleeping tablets and I nodded. He prescribed 28 tablets of Zopiclone 3.75 mg for me. I thought nothing of it then but later I thought that was rather generous of him. Is this normal practice? I would definitely classify myself as an ‘at risk’ person, as my entire world had come crashing down right in front of my eyes and often times I didn’t see the point in anything. Plus, all my son’s unused medications were still at home – lots of citalopram and olanzepine.

I tried to understand where he might be coming from. He was trying to help me and avoid repeated trips to the surgery. I guess he knows I am a doctor and hence trusted my intellectual ability.

Exactly the same way as I trusted my son’s.

We really don’t get it! Do we?

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