Day 20

The second weekend in October was my last one with him.

I could see glimpses of his radiance  shine through the cloud that had been surrounding him. Things were getting better for him and he admitted that. Thank God! Finally the medications were working. The long wait was coming to an end. I felt a big weight lift off my shoulders and after a long time felt truly happy! We went out for a meal. The conversation was slowly returning to normal. He was interested in the food and even ordered a new dish! Wow! This was really encouraging.

He thought that he would like to resume his 3rd year at university. He made a few phone calls and due to some practicalities it seemed unlikely that he could do so. He was visibly disappointed. I, along with other trusted friends assured him that it was the best thing for him to stay home as he probably needed more time to fully regain his health and confidence. In any case we were going to think of this year as his gap year. I don’t think he was convinced. He thought he was being left behind and all his colleagues were moving on.

Why do young people put themselves under so much pressure? Is it the child’s personality? Is it big cities? London? Parents? Society at large? Is it because competition is an inherent part of growing up? Being ‘successful’ means being ‘cool’? Is it because most of their role models are part of the rat race and afraid of failure? Is it because they see very few adults actually having the courage to choose a profession dictated by their heart rather than their head? I don’t know!

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