Day 29

I am at the airport, having a cup of tea with carrot cake, writing this and feeling like a rudderless boat.

No anchor. No idea where my life is headed. Not quite sure which way is north.

The sunglass hut is right in front of me. The last time I was here, my son and I had a great laugh trying out different sunglasses and posing in front of the mirrors. It was a ritual we had every time we flew together. Such fun! 🙂

This holiday had been planned as the coming week does not clash with his holidays. So, he would not be home and he isn’t. Good plan!

How true is this – ‘Every time anyone makes a plan, God laughs.’ I suppose the message is to live in the here and now – something we hear so often that it ceases to mean anything. It is time for me to consciously practise this principle every minute of everyday. Cherish the memories, be grateful for them, allow myself to cry when and where I like but know that the tears come from a place of love and gratitude. Also know that he is at peace wherever he is and all he would want for me is to be happy.

Thank you my darling! I am learning.

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