Day 29

Today is the 7-5-3 festival in Japan. On this day they celebrate the growth and well being of little girls aged 3 and 7 and boys aged 5 years. The kids are dressed up in traditional outfits and taken to shrines or temples where prayers are offered for good fortune.

Such a beautiful practise – an opportunity to acknowledge children as precious gifts. In fact everyday is full of such opportunities if we are able to see. We think that we are always there for our kids. On the contrary, I think they are always there for us. The way life goes, we as grown-ups build our careers and families simultaneously and have to juggle things about but our kids are always there to be loved and cherished. I remember the time when my son was little, he would ask me to sit and watch him play games at the Playstation. He was really proud of how good he was at it and wanted to share that with me but I had no interest whatsoever and hardly ever entertained his request.

To quote Rumi – ‘Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.’ For me at present, this is proving to be quite tricky. I am holding on more than I am letting go. Holding on to all kinds of memories, lost time, lost opportunities, lost future and the heartbreak! May be someday….

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