Day 32

Have you heard of the ‘study drug’? It’s name is ‘modafinil’.

It is used for the treatment of patients with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in whom it calms the mind. It is a prescription drug only but can be obtained online. Apparently it helps students to ‘focus’ their mind and stay up reading all night while preparing for exams. 1 in 5 university students in the UK admit to having taken this drug because they think it will help them improve their performance in their exams, which in fact, it does not. This drug in known for its addictive potential and this group of drugs has the side effect of giving rise to ‘suicidal thoughts’! Wonder why students feel the need to take this medicine now more than ever before – big loans, fewer jobs and a skewed notion of success. As a society what message are we giving to young people?

Most of us get a cup of coffee or tea to get us going in the morning and may be another one or two to keep us going. We might also have a glass of wine in the evening to help us wind down. But somewhere along the line, this has transformed into the use of stronger stimulants and binge drinking amongst the young. How, why and when did this happen?

The human brain is the most amazing machine – capable of immense creativity and imagination. Yet, at the same time so delicate!

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