Day 37

Dear Lord, where were you?

Did you know?

I am sure you heard the prayers I said daily for the well being of all my family and friends and all the peoples of this world. You must also have read the little notes of thanks that I penned down in my Gratitude journal nearly everyday. I think you noticed the hours I spent meditating so that I could see divinity in myself and everyone around me. You saw the immense kindness in his father’s heart. You were there when we were struggling to make our place in society as individuals and as a family.  I thought if I did my best, you would take care of the rest. You made me realise that we are all made up of this stuff called ‘love’. You were with us all along.

With all the love in my heart, I offer you my only son. Take care of him for me. Keep him safe and happy – both the things that I could not do for him.

I also offer you myself. Show me what you will.

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