Day 43

Most unhappiness comes from placing our focus on things we don’t have.

In my case, from not having my son around. Neither the possibility of ever seeing him again.

Today, for a little while I decided to shift my attention to the things I do have. I was sitting there with my head completely blank. Just then my little niece peeped at me from behind the sofa, with her laughing naughty eyes, trying her best to hide her big dimply smile. How could I not respond to that? It instantly warmed my heart and I forgot about everything else.

There is so much right here – the innocence of children, the splendour and beauty of nature, the warmth and generosity of friends, family, acquaintances and strangers, the blessings of elders, the sun, the moon, the rainbows and butterflies. Since being a passive recipient is not so much fun, having the ability to respond to all of these things is an amazing gift too – to listen, to be able to express myself through words, actions and music, to be sensitive, cherish memories and friendships, to be grateful, test my faith and learn to give of myself.

What I have is the beautiful and enriching experience of motherhood and the possibility of being a better human being.

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