Day 44

As per the astrologers, Mercury was ‘retrograde’. Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. This creates an illusion that Mercury is spinning backward. This planet rules communication, travel, and technology. So, one can expect all of these to go haywire during this three week period. The last one was October 4th – 25th. So, Day 0 was bang in the middle of it. On top of that, Virgo is ruled by Mercury and I happen to be a Virgo.

Is this why when I look back, it feels like half my brain was missing! Why could I not see what I can see now? On Day 0 I had a distinctly uncomfortable feeling when I put the phone down after giving him a wake up call. I noticed that I had been speaking a lot more than him but that was not entirely unusual. So, I let it go. On the phone to a friend, I remember saying 2 things – I wish I did not have to come to work and I had a strong suspicion that we were missing something but I could not put my finger on it. I wish I had paid more attention to my intuition.

The ‘retrospectoscope’ is a wonderful thing but now it is so painful to go through these facts in my head over and over again. The umpteen number of savvy guides on ‘how to survive Mercury Retrograde’ summerize it in 3 words – re-examine, accept and move-on. I want to do all of these but I am still stuck on the first one. The second one comes and goes but the third one seems to be a million miles away!

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