Day 57

It is alright for families to move around from one place to another. I know that well from personal experience, as when I was a child my dad was in the army and we moved every couple of years within the country. It was not always easy but it was an education in itself. Mum was a constant and the 3 of us siblings being very close together in age kept each other going.

Moving across continents is quite different in many ways. I have to admit that I have been homesick for the last 15 years. No spontaneous ‘drop ins’, anniversary and birthday parties other than our own, lunches and dinners for no reason at all, proper Diwali or Holi celebrations, getting to crack jokes in my mother tongue with anyone or support, if anyone in the family or I fell ill. Wonder what it was like for my son! We spoke about it sometimes and he sounded happy. He seemed to have adjusted really well wherever we went but was it really so?

We did not belong to any particular religious community. We made friends as we went along and had a good social life but it was so different from being back home. The emotional security and comfort a child can get from the extended family or a strong community is essential for his or her sense of wellbeing.

There I go again – 2 steps forward and one back.

Tomorrow is another day of prayers. Every time we have one of these, something in me seems to get resolved and life gets a bit easier. May be it is just a ‘placebo’ effect but I am not complaining.

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