Day 59

Its strange not being able to post the blog today as I have no internet connectivity where I am. A month ago, I would have been upset but today I am just going with the flow and writing it anyway.

I wonder if I should have read some books on parenting. I never did. I believed that my instincts would guide me correctly. All I needed was love, understanding and patience, none of which can be learnt from books anyway. I would learn as I went along and I did. I am still learning. In fact, I am on the steepest learning curve ever. No wonder I am not doing anything else.

From my son, I am learning to be forgiving of others and myself. I am learning integrity and honesty. He spoke his mind clearly ever since he was little. I remember one night I insisted he have his dinner even though he was not hungry as he had probably eaten at a friend’s house. I was a bit annoyed at his refusal. He was only 7 years old. He sat me down and said ”Mamma, do I ever force you to eat when you are not hungry?” And that was that.

Love, understanding and patience. 🙂

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