Day 201

Happy 21st Birthday my Jaan!

The day you were born is fresh in my memory. It seems like it was just a little while ago. That was a happy happy day. I used to talk to you before you were born and I still do. Some things stay the same.

Last year we spoke about your 21st birthday celebrations and I offered to hire a pink limo for you and your friends to go into town in. We shared some other crazy ideas like that. In reality we knew that you would probably be at university and I would be at home. It turns out you are out in the universe and I am at home.

Since last night I have been receiving messages on your behalf from our family and friends. Your friends are taking good care of me. You should be really proud of them. I didn’t know you had so many friends who loved you so dearly. Here is a sample message “He was the most beautiful person, inside and out and I miss him everyday. I’m wishing him the happiest of birthdays and sending all my love to you and him.” You never cease to amaze me.

We baked your favourite chocolate brownies. They were absolutely yummilicious!!! In my mind I have shared them with you. I know you are beyond the physical world but I would come back for these if I were you.

All forms of separation, disconnects, divides, partings, breakups, and goodbyes are temporary.
We’ll be together far, far longer than we will ever be apart.

3 thoughts on “Day 201

  1. I have a friend whose son was killed in Kosovo, she has a similar experience on his birthday to yours. 14 years down the track and I think she loves and hates it, but overall she is pleased and a little surprised that his friends remember.

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