Day 232

Listening to music rendered with love, produced with love, speaking of love, filled every particle of my being with immense love. I sat in the concert hall soaked from head to toe in this heady elixir with my sweetheart on one side and my closest friend on the other. I reached out to them and held their hands in mine. Sitting with my eyes closed, just being in that moment felt blissful. Life was whole and complete. Nothing less, nothing more.

All colours are an expression of love. Every musical note vibrates with love. Grief is love. Beauty is love. God is love. Life is love. I am love. You are love. There is nothing else. It’s love that keeps us alive. It makes life worth living. Love is all we need. There is an abundance of it all around us – in the flowers, the trees, the clouds, the rain, the grass, the earth, the sun, the stars and the moon. These have been created out of love.

Being able to hear, appreciate and feel music is a gift.
Time with loved ones is a blessing.

A world without love does not exist as every atom of the Universe is Love.

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