Day 245

What does it all amount to? What does it mean?
What is all this drama for?
This thing called ‘life’.
The friends we make, the lives we touch, the places we visit, the jobs we do – what is it all meant to lead up to?
The entire series and mixtures of thoughts, interactions, feelings, relationships, mistakes, events, misunderstandings and mis-judgements – for what?

Who writes the script?
Who decides the direction of the winds?
Who plants the tree and who tastes the fruit?
Who keeps an account of the innumerable days and nights that come and go non-stop for millions of years?
Who is the controller of this cosmic game?
Who holds the Remote? How many of them are there?
Is there even a Who?
How meaningful can ‘life’ be if it is can be easily and cleanly sliced into two distinct parts – ‘before’ and ‘after’? How can nature be merciful and generous while inflicting such harrowing pain on humanity at the same time? How can anything be good or bad when everything is said to have an element of the ‘Divine’ in it, when everything is a mere reflection of oneself?

Is there really such a thing as ‘free will’?

May be we are all just like little bubbles in a glass of sparkling water (or champagne, if you like) – randomly appearing, disappearing, colliding, expanding, contracting, dancing, some sticking to the glass to buy more time, others rising straight to the surface as if in a rush to disappear.

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