Day 296


In the end it’s all about letting go.

Letting go of the past,
Of the pain and loss
Of the guilt and anger
Of the love and longing.

Starting afresh each day.
Every moment, a new beginning.
It hurts to let go.
It hurts more to hold on.
Hold on to what?
To that which doesn’t even exist.

Telling and retelling myself,
Letting go does not mean there is no love.
It doesn’t mean you are weak.
It means you are strong enough.

The tighter the fist full of sand,
The more the sand escapes.
Please help me unfurl my fingers
One by one
And allow for space
To be, to breath, to expand
To reach out to what is right here right now.

There are things I don’t want to happen
But have to accept.
Things I don’t want to know
But have to learn.
And people I can’t live without but have to let go.

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